Les Abbagliati

The baroque ensemble from Brussels Les Abbagliati is passionate about discovering 17th and 18th century repertoire.  In order to let the audience discover baroque music in a different way the ensemble works together with dancers (Ludovica Mosca) for certain projects, and introduces baroque gestures (coaching by Sigrid ‘t Hooft) in the programs. This guarantees a unique visual aspect and promises a refreshing dive in history!

In 2011 Les Abbagliati was selected as young ensemble in residence at the Festival d’Ambronay (F), where they got a lot of recognition for their program “La Victoire Amoureuse”.

In 2013 they were selected for a  showcase for the REMA (Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne) in Marseille.

In May 2015 they performed at the Barochtage Stift Melk (A).

In 2020 their first CD ‘d’Astorga & Lalli’ appeared at the label Ramée.